herSelf Temple

a sanctuary devoted to self-discovery, personal growth and forging authentic connections within a soulful women's community.


A sanctuary where women flourish

As a recent transplant from the East to the vibrant city of Dubai, I come with a passion that has already touched the lives of many women over the past decade.

Providing a holistic journey that encompasses the well-being of women's body, mind and soul the herSelf Temple is a place for you to practice self-discovery, embodiment, mindfulness, self-expression and sisterhood.

Each gathering of 90 minutes revolves around a theme, brought to life through experiential immersion.


“Authenticity is  the daily practice of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are"

~ Brené Brown

What to expect from an evening in the herSelf Temple


  • Embodiment Practices: Connect with your inner world, grounding into the wisdom of your body.
  • Mindfulness Practices: Cultivate presence, awareness, and peace through mindfulness.
  • Movement Practices: Embrace the freedom of movement as a gateway to self-expression, playful manifestation and release.
  • Talking Process: Engage in meaningful conversations that foster connection and new insight.
  • Group Process: Experience the transformative power of collective energy and shared intention.
  • Journaling: Introspection and reflection through free flow writing.
  • Sensory Awareness Practices: Awaken your senses and tap into the subtle nuances of your surroundings.
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a certified Soul-based Coach, Embodiment Teacher and Women’s Group Faciliator

My mission is to guide women on a path of self-discovery, helping them birth forth their ever evolving Self.

For five incredible years, I cultivate a thriving women's community in the heart of Hong Kong.

What blossomed was a space where women experienced profound insights, personal growth, and lasting friendships. They discovered their true needs for a fulfilled life, balanced the intelligence of their head and the wisdom of their hearts and bodies, and honed the art of listening and holding space for one another.

In this nurturing environment, honesty thrived, and emotions were embraced without succumbing to drama.

It’s my absolute joy to bring the herSelf Circle to Dubai! Together, we'll embark on an exploration of your inner world, unlocking the treasures of your true essence – or better said, the ever evolving you.

Welcome to a place where you'll discover the extraordinary power and wisdom that resides within you.