Nurture Your Sensual Awakening

A somatic journey that will guide you towards a deeper connection with what feels good & alive


"By teaching ourselves to stay connected to our sensuality, we start to install new neurological hardware that becomes a blueprint for the body to experience the richness, soulfulness, and beauty of being alive."

These words by Lebo Grand deeply resonate with me and lie at the heart of my longing over the last decade or so to cultivate a more embodied and sensuous life.

This has meant forging a strong connection with my body and engaging my senses to their fullest potential.

It entails nurturing a heightened awareness of the sensations within my body and tune into the beauty of the natural world that surrounds me.

By developing the ability to discern what feels right and aligns with my inner self I’ve empowered myself to make decisions with more clarity and confidence.

Instead of only relying on intellectual analysis, I have learned to bring on board the wisdom of my body and movement. When faced with challenges or obstacles, I now check in with my body and move, rather than thinking my way through, which often brings fresh creative insight to the problems that need to be tackled and decisions that need to be made.

Having learned to attune to my senses more, enables me to experience the richness of life and tap into well-being, even amidst difficult times.

Knowing how much more magical and richer our experience of life gets when we are in touch with our body and sensuality, I want to share my passion for embodiment and sensual awakening with those who carry a similar longing.

So let me ask you...

  • Do you find yourself yearning to explore your body and sensuality, but unsure of where to begin?
  • Are you longing to expand your awareness of what truly brings you relaxation and pleasure?
  • Do you feel a lack of joy in the way you engage with your body often overriding it rather than listening to it?
  • Do you long for more connection with life, and an embrace of body awareness?
  • Are you someone who considers themselves body aware but tends to focus on what feels tense, stuck, or painful rather than what feels good and vital?
  • Are you open to slowly and patiently engage with your body and senses through experiential learning

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this 90 Minute Live Online Event is for you.

Join me in celebrating the magic of being alive as we embark on a journey of playful self-discovery, gentle movement and sensual awakening.

Join me to Nurture Your Sensual Awakening

90 Min on Sunday, 30 July 2023
9am UK | 10am CEST | 4pm Singapore

US$ 35.00

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What this event will bring you...

Body awareness, sensual awakening and relaxation


  • You'll be gently guided on a voyage of self-exploration and sensual awakening.
  • You will cultivate your awareness of what feels good and vital in you.
  • You will gain insight into bodily sensations that bring you pleasure and relaxation.
  • You will train your self-love muscles empowering yourself to embrace and celebrate your body's wisdom.
  • You will discover new dimensions of self-expression.
  • You will receive a sensory awareness practice that's easy to integrate into your daily life.

You will be guided through a gentle Non-linear Movement and sensory awareness practice followed by a journaling process, and there will be a short Q&A towards the end of the event.

To create a safe environment, cameras will be turned off during the practice part of the event. However, there will be the option to switch them on at the beginning and end for the Q&A session.

Join me to Nurture Your Sensual Awakening

90 Min on Sunday, 30 July 2023
9am UK | 10am CEST | 4pm Singapore

US$ 35.00

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Hi, I’m Corinne

... and I'm delighted to be your soulful coach and embodiment guide. My passion lies in helping women reconnect with their full selves - body, mind, heart, and soul - and empowering them to embrace their inner authority and agency.

As a Swiss-born individual fluent in both German and English, my natural curiosity for life has led me on a transformative journey of self-discovery for many years. By honoring my own longings and listening to my inner authority, I have experienced profound personal growth and positive changes in my own life.

Based in Dubai, I'm supporting women from all corners of the world. 

I find solace and inspiration in nature, where I seek out beauty and magic in everyday life. In the company of my husband and dog, Rio, I cherish the simple joys of life.

Moreover, I have a deep passion for physical activity and movement, whether it's swimming, dancing, walking, running, hiking, or engaging in Non-linear Movement.

The session with Corinne left me feel relaxed and in-tune with my body

Thank you for such a powerful Non-linear Movement session - so easeful, nurturing and healing. I loved the way you introduced the method and gently guided us through the session. I now feel very relaxed and in-tune with my body.


Corinne helped me tap into the divine feminine energy and learn how to nurture and transform myself

Through my sessions with Corinne I've gained so much knowledge about tapping into the divine feminine energy, seeking support and connecting with my body on a deeper level. Coming from the old pattern of suppressing femininity, I learned to let go of what no longer served me and felt the evolution happening within me. Working with Corinne allowed me to learn how to nurture and transform myself and develop greater empathy and compassion for other women's evolutionary journey.


Corinne helped me to reconnect with myself and get grounded

After 4 years in Hong Kong, and working in a very male dominated environment, I had learned how to be goal-orientated, productive, strong and assertive - but along the way lost connection with my feminine side and forgot how to just be. Then by a complete coincidence I met Corinne, and joining her Women's Temple was like finding home again. Through temple I've reconnected to myself, found a place to unwind, unfold and get grounded - reclaiming that balance in life we all deserve, but is so hard to achieve in a busy place like Hong Kong. Thanks Corinne for this beautiful oasis, for creating a place for women to connect, to feel empowered as well as to let go and soften. Your Temple evenings have truly been transformative!



Join me to Nurture Your Sensual Awakening

90 Min on Sunday, 30 July 2023
9am UK | 10am CEST | 4pm Singapore

US$ 35.00

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