How to live more authentically


How often do you hear the sentence “just be authentic” these days? It’s tossed around a lot, isn’t it.

But what does it actually mean? What does living authentically look like?

Since this is often at the heart of what clients seek me out for, I think about it a lot.

For me living authentically ultimately comes down to staying close to what feels joyous, alive, good or important to me, now.

Having recently moved to a new country I’m spending time feeling into what I want to continue with or not, in life and biz, because big change also comes with a big chance to sort things out and continue with fresh eyes.

I’m no fixed thing (and neither are you!)

Everything living and breathing changes.

Our body, circumstances and believes change – and so does what we desire, and/or want to devote ourselves to.

Living authentically will look different as you evolve.

For example, if you no longer feel excited about something that lit you up a year ago, then you don’t have to continue. Could be that a year ago it was authentic, coming from your truest place. Or it could be that you fooled yourself into believing that this is what you desire. We are pretty good at this, us humans!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which one it is. No judging of your younger self please! Just know, that you don’t have to stick to things that no longer feel intrinsically right.

Now all this said, I do believe in the power of commitment, devotion, and discipline. And I’m not one for throwing in the towel at the first big challenge. But one doesn’t rule out the other.

Following through with B and C because you said A, pushing through when you notice that it’s time for change, that you don’t have to do.

So how can you live more authentically?

❤️ Accept that living is changing

❤️ Check in with yourSelf regularly to notice subtle changes

❤️ Freely express your thoughts and feelings to yourSelf or a trusted friend

❤️ Be kind with yourSelf in the process

All this leads to more genuine insight about yourSelf and thus living more authentically.

What if making space for yourself is hard?

I know, that making space for yourSelf is easier said than done in a world that’s busy and offers so much distraction. It can be scary too if you haven’t been this intimate with yourSelf before.

But here’s the good news: There are so many coaches, therapists and sacred space holders today, that can help you come closer to yourself when doing so alone is difficult.

I’m one of them 🙂 To learn more how I support women click here.