Self-care for your SHE


A guided journey to nurture yourself and your SHE, using gentle touch and intuitive movement. This practice will help you drop from your head into your body, producing oxytocin which in return helps women to relax and rejuvenate after periods of stress. Great to be done any time of the day whenever you notice that you are overthinking things, feeling stuck, or overwhelmed or simply feel the need to give yourself some love and care.

Instruction: Set aside 15 minutes for this practice and wear some comfortable clothing in which you can move in easily. Then set yourself up in a quiet and private space. If you wish, light a candle before you begin. This practice is best done standing.

Music: Passionate Voice by Lisbeth Scott, Naturaleza (Mose Edit) by Danit & Mose, Om Sarve by Tina Malia