Celebrating Childfree Women

A different perspective when it comes to creating and ‘mothering’

There are still many taboos, stigmas and programmed false beliefs around childfree women, including: they are selfish, stern, hard or not maternal.

I’m here to tell you a different story.

Hi, I am Corinne Konrad Calder, soulful coach weaving embodiment and women’s wisdom-teachings.

Living child free by circumstances I've been on a journey of curiously asking deep questions about motherhood, nurturing and creating beyond the physical child for many years and I feel it's time to open the door and shed some light onto the topic with you.

It’s important we talk more about women as creatress and nurturer beyond the traditional context of procreation and mothering, and that we teach this to young women - because often, that’s where it all begins, with a girl's first menarche.

Women who are childfree deserve to be seen, heard and celebrated in their choices and journey, which is why I decided to speak to them and share their inspiring stories with you.

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Meet inspiring women living childfree

Learn how they've created a life full of magic & meaning

Tamara, Holistic Trauma Counselor & Transformational Coach

How a blessing in disguise liberated her to serve

Leslie, Yoga Therapist & Soul-based Coach

From contemplating motherhood to giving birth to her heart biz

Megan, Bespoke Salon Owner &  Mentor

From fear of being judged to owning her truth

Nathalie, Relationship & Intimacy Coach

How saying ‘no’ to having children can be an expression of self-love

Amanda, Transformational Coach & Forest Therapy Facilitator

From ovarian cancer to co-creating with life

Ann, Mental Health Diplomat

Hard choices becoming gifts for many

Jessica, Communications Consultant

Finding freedom in meeting herself anew each day

Brandi, Nourishment Coach

From learning to nourish herself to creating a life she loves

Corinne, Women's Transformation Coach

From ambivalence, to longing for a child, to embracing the childfree life

Women are living childfree from many reasons

We all have our own story about circumstances and choices around motherhood

  • Not getting around to it
  • Health issues (within women and men)
  • Not wanting them
  • Jobs
  • Life circumstances
  • Not meeting the right person to have one with

However, I have noticed that those who are childfree or considering the childfree life sometimes have few spaces to talk about it openly and honestly. I want to change this!

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What is your story?

Want to share your story with me and the world, adding to this conversation and providing understanding, hope and inspiration to others?

Creating Magic & Meaning Beyond Motherhood

The Childfree Woman's Key to a Creative & Fulfilled Life

Perhaps you’ve been trying for a while to have a child and are now ready to contemplate the possibility of a childfree life instead. Or for medical reasons birthing a baby isn’t possible for you. Maybe life has taken it's course and you are living childfree, or never wanted to be a mother in the first place.

There are many reasons why women live within a childfree life.

If any of this is true for you and you long to find your unique feminine expression and your purpose outside the traditional role of motherhood then you are in the right place.

Enrolment to this 6-month transformative program is open now!

We begin on February 12th 2022!

To learn more talk to Corinne.