Creating Magic & Meaning
Beyond Motherhood

The Childfree Woman's Key to a Creative & Fulfilled Life

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Living a life full of magic and meaning is possible without children... but there is still a lot of societal pressure and confusion for women when it comes to the topic of procreation. Taboos, negative thoughts, expectations, fears and confusion are a plenty.

  • Perhaps you’ve been trying for a while to have a child and are now ready to contemplate the possibility of a childfree life instead.
  • Maybe for medical reasons birthing a baby isn’t possible for you.
  • Or it may be that life has taken it's course and you are living childfree, or were never keen to be a mother in the first place.

There are many reasons why women live within a childfree life. 

If any of this is true for you and you long to find your unique feminine expression and your purpose outside the traditional role of motherhood then you are in the right place.

Starting on February 12th, I'm guiding the next group of committed women through my 6-month transformative program !

Are you ready to uncover your feminine expression, desires, gifts and embark on a transformative journey deep into your own heart and body, meeting the powerful woman that you are?....Are you ready to discover what magic and meaning exists for you?

Does this sound familiar...

  • You have actively pursued having a child, but for different reasons it didn’t work out. You are tired and ready to explore other meaningful ways to create and nurture.
  • You have been living childfree for many years because this is how life unfolded but you’re not at peace with it which is holding you back from enjoying and embracing its benefits and freedoms.
  • You are not keen to be a mother knowing that you're born for something else but you're not sure what and are searching for more purpose.
  • You desire to explore  your unique feminine flavour, longing to be free to be YOU and confidently express that.
  • You find it hard to own your decision unapologetically and are tired of justifying yourself to the world and are looking for a community of women who understand you?

There is a Creatress within waiting to meet you. She is ready to help you create a wildly magical & fulfilled life..... And I want to guide you home to her.

This program enabled me to channel & live up to my feminine powers and creativity in a way that creates true meaning for me as a childfree woman

Being put in a health situation, where my actually childfree life was probably rather a fact than a free decision, I decided to join Corinne's "Creating Meaning & Magic Beyond Motherhood" Program. Having worked with her before, I knew it is going to be deep – which is what I wanted. To give myself the opportunity to deeply reflect on my decision and become truly comfortable with it. The past 6 months with Corinne have been full of realizations on how I can create a space in which I feel fully and truly fine with my chosen way of life. Especially coming to terms with my inner mother and unleashing my inner child have been major steps on my journey as a childfree woman. I met incredible women I laughed, cried, shared my most sensitive side with. I am truly grateful for this support and sisterhood we have shared and will continue in future.

The way Corinne creates and holds room for women is just unique in the most beautiful way. Even most of the program could be seen as internal work, my transformation was also noticeable on the outside, for example just in the way I express my feminine power now. The course enabled me to channel and live up to my feminine powers and creativity in a way that creates true meaning for me as a childfree woman.



  • Being fertile and connected to your creativity, womb, heart, feminine flavour and power, allowing you to express what matters to you and creating a life you love.
  • Understanding the ‘mother energy’ outside the traditional context of motherhood and feeling connected to your inner mother thus helping you to direct this energy in other beautiful and powerful ways towards yourself and others.
  • Feeling clear, courageous and confident in your journey, which allows you to forge your own path (rather than one that others think is best for you!) to an aligned and deeply fulfilling life.
  • Owning your story and working through emotional layers which brings you inner peace and healing, both serving as a powerful catalyst to move forward, writing the next magical chapter of your life.
  • Feeling empowered to unapologetically speak your truth, allowing for clarity and boundaries in conversations with others who see things different from you.
  • Belonging to a Women’s Community who gets you because they too are facing similar questions, appreciating a safe and confidential container to talk and get clear on their desires and living their truth.

Are You Saying Yes Please?

Want to find out if this transformative in-depth 6 month program is for you?  Book a free clarity session with me.

She helped me to let go of old hurts and rather then suppressing my mothering energy, focus on where I’d like to direct it instead.

I often felt and thought, that I have not fulfilled my purpose as a woman without giving birth to my own child. Journeying through this program with Corinne I learned how to connect with my mother energy and realized that I can feel motherhood without being a birth mother. I was able to let go of old hurts and rather then suppressing my mothering energy, focus on where I’d like to direct it instead. I was surprised how healing and supportive it can feel, to share and listen to the stories of other childfree women and how beautiful sisterhood can be. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is childfree and not yet in inner balance and peace with it. To unblock these poisoning energies of the struggling mind and connect with your womb and mother energy is worth every step of this journey.

Corinne can help you open the gates from feelings to words to vision. She’s a modern priestess. She creates an atmosphere of trust and openness within a group of women and there is this energy of „ I can let go and open up without guilt and fear“ around her. That is a precious gift. There is no judgment or pressure. Just a gentle hand for you, to hold on to, for a certain time till you can feel your own strong mother energy!


Rebel Heart Woman – I see you!

Hi, I’m Corinne
Konrad Calder

A Certified Soul-based Coach weaving feminine embodiment and women’s wisdom teachings.

Living childfree by circumstances and later choice, I've been on a journey of curiously asking deep questions about motherhood, nurturing and creating beyond the physical child for many years.

My childfree story in a nutshell: My husband and I actively called in a child for years but then when it didn’t happen through natural means we choose to surrender to life’s currents instead of adopting a child or choosing medical fertility treatments. Getting to this decision took a lot of honest inner listening and conversations between us. To this day, it feels right for us (emphasizing us!)

By embodying the Creatress, owning my story
and focusing on my desires I have:

  • Found inner peace, whether I create and nurture children or other things such as my heart business, a strong and healthy marriage, a beautiful home, etc.
  • Unleashed my creative power, consciously creating from the heart and expressing what I deeply care about. Through that, I have empowered many other women do the same.
  • Felt at home within myself, being fertile and fully woman living my unique feminine expression in the world.
  • Built beautiful solid friendships with like hearted women.
  • Creating a life full of magic and meaning with my husband and our dog Rio.

Who is 'Creating Magic & Meaning Beyond Motherhood' for

Does this sound like you?

  • You longed for a child, but it hasn’t happened, and after a period of grief you are open and curious now to explore other ways to direct your creative and nurturing energy
  • For medical reasons birthing a baby is not possible for you and you would like to explore how you can engage and use your creative power and feminine energy in other ways.
  • You don’t feel the desire to become a mother, but instead want to use your energy, gifts and skills to impact the world and people around you in a positive way. You long to get creative and do something with your life that puts your heart on fire!
  • You are open to exploring an exciting new paradigm of being a woman in today’s world, ready to go deep and committed to your journey of transformation. It would feel so amazing if you could get wildly creative, follow what you desire and confidently own your decisions in life. 
  • The thought of embarking on a life-changing journey with a community of women who are carrying similar questions and struggles fills you with joy.

Sounds like you? Schedule your FREE Clarity Session to join
'Creating Magic & Meaning Beyond Motherhood'!

Corinne helped me let go of the illusion that my life would have been fuller and happier with a child

Through partnering with Corinne, I got to know myself better. I’ve spent more time exploring what fills me up from the inside, what brings me true nourishment and joy. I got a dog and learned to care for and ‘mother’ her. I began honoring my desires more, voicing them and thus taking more agency in my life. All of this helped me realize that I don't need a child to live a happy life. In fact, I know today that raising children wouldn’t have matched well with my personality and the trauma I’ve experienced in my own life.


The Embodied Creatress Program

What You’ll Learn...

Module 1
++ Meet Your Community & The Creatress within -  Get to know your cohort, learn about the creative potential within you, begin respectfully connecting with your womb and set powerful intentions for the transformative journey you are about to embark on.

Module 2
++ Understand The Creative Cycle Blueprint - Learn about The Creative Cycle Blueprint and uncover limiting beliefs from the time of your Menarche so you can move forward empowered with the full story of women’s creative power.

Module 3
++ Connect With Your Inner Mother and ‘Mothering Energy’ - Uncover unhelpful ideas and believes you carry about ‘mothering’, learn about ‘mother energy’ outside the traditional context of motherhood and discover how you can direct this energy in ways that are fulfilling to you.

Module 4
++ Unlock Your Creativity - Learn about the many ways of directing your creative energies and understand the importance of the heart/womb connection in regard to creating things that give your life purpose and meaning from where magic flows.

Module 5
++ Envision Living Child Free Into Old Age - Dive deep into the vision of a life without children into old age, looking at the opportunities and freedoms, as well as possible challenges and fears you carry around it, all of it helping you to move forward and get ever clearer on your desires for your life.

Module 6
++ Own Your Truth & Desire Unapologetically - Celebratory ritual that will strengthen your commitment to YOU and the desires and dreams you hold for yourself so you can authentically step forth into the world and embodying the powerful Creatress that you are.


What's included?

This 6-month transformative program combines private 1:1 coaching with monthly feminine embodiment and group teaching sessions designed to help childfree women thrive in their womanhood and live a creative and fulfilled life.


We’ll commence your ‘Creating Magic & Meaning Beyond Motherhood’ journey with a 90 minute Soul-based Coaching Session with me. In this potent 1:1 session, we’ll deep dive into your story, discussing your journey from Birth, Menarche to Womanhood and uncovering your current desires for your life. All of it setting you up for the in-depth journey of The Embodied Creatress Program. Between Modul 4 and 6 you meet with me for 1 more 90 minutes Soul-based Coaching Session where I will support you on your unique path to a magical and meaningful life.


You’ll journey through 6 teaching modules (see above) of The Embodied Creatress Program. Each Module consists of a 2 hour online Zoom live session with me where I combine theory, experiential learning and group sharing practices. These sessions are best to be attended live so you can receive my transmission and learn from the Group Collective. However, recordings will be available in case you can’t always make it to the live session.

6 x MONTHLY INTEGRATION & Q&A SESSION (always on Saturdays, 2 weeks following the Teaching Session) 

You have the opportunity to meet with me and your cohort of women 2 weeks after each module for 90 Minutes to further integrate the learnings, ask questions and share insights you’ve been having.


Some of the 6 Modules will include practices in between sessions, which you will do in your own time and which will further strengthen your connection to your womb and intuition, your feminine power.


You’ll be surrounded and continually supported by caring and encouraging women who are here to celebrate important steps that you’re taking and to hold your back when you’re feeling low. You will meet in a private Facebook Group where you can support each other, because support is a key element of feminine fuel and part of leaning in as an Embodied Creatress.


As women we can hold a lot of tension and trauma in our womb space – trauma that we’ve lived through from our time of conception all throughout life, as well as that which has been passed on to us through our lineage and the collective field. In this bonus session with Nathalie, she will help you clear that which is no longer needed at this point in time.

Your Investment into Self

HKD 14'900 / EUR 1'680 / CHF 1'750 / GBP 1'430

‘Pay in Full’ savings and 6 month payment plans available.

A core value of my work is “accessibility”. I aim to make my coaching support and teachings available to all who want to partake in them - regardless of income level. This means there is room for a fee reduction if your financial situation doesn’t allow for the fees displayed here. It is something we can address during your FREE Clarity Session.

Book in your FREE CLARITY SESSION so I can share more and we can see how to make this work for you!

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